Nox Cheats

Nox Cheats
image credit : EA – Westwood

Nox Cheats

Nox Cheats and commands

Nox is an action role playing (RPG) game, developed and published by Westwood Studios and Electronic Arts in 2000 for PC.The game follows three different linear storylines, each leading to a unique ending.

How to enable cheat codes:

During gameplay press F1 to bring up the command console and type racoiaws to enable cheat mode.

Then input the relevant cheat code from the list below.

  • help cheat : Show a list of all cheat codes.
  • cheat health : Refill your health.
  • cheat mana : Refill your mana.
  • set god : Enable god mode with unlimited mana and all spells.
  • unset god : Exit god mode.
  • cheat ability : Reset all user abilities.
  • cheat level {enter level number} : Change your level to a level of choice.
  • cheat gold {enter gold amount} : Change your gold amount.
  • cheat spells {enter spell level} : Change your spells to level of choice.
  • cheat goto (x y) : Teleport to coordinates of your choice (x y).
nox game
image credit : EA – Westwood

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