Minecraft cheats and commands

Minecraft cheats and commands
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Minecraft cheats and commands

Minecraft cheats and commands. Discover the ultimate guide to Minecraft cheats and commands to elevate your gaming experience! Unleash the full potential of your creativity with a comprehensive list of cheats and commands, from essential shortcuts to game-changing features.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our detailed guide provides step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks to master the art of Minecraft commands. Explore hidden functionalities, customize your gameplay, and unlock the secrets of this iconic sandbox game. Level up your Minecraft skills today with our expert insights and unleash the limitless possibilities within the pixelated world. Dive into the world of Minecraft cheats and commands now!

Turning on cheats in Minecraft : Java edition

When you are creating a new world you must follow these steps:

  • Click Singleplayer and then Create New World.
  • On the options page click Allow Cheats: ON.
  • Click Create New World in order to generate your world and then enter it.
  • Once your world is generated press the slash key (/). This will pull up the cheat menu.
  • Now type the cheat command of your preference.

If you want to enable cheats in a world you have already created then follow the steps below:

  • Open the game menu and the select Open To LAN.
  • Then click Allow Cheats: ON.
  • Click Start LAN World. This will allow you to enter Minecraft cheats and commands.

How to enable Minecraft : Bedrock Edition cheats and commands.

  • First you must Create a New World.
  • Scroll down in the game settings menu and select Activate Cheats.
  • Once your world is generated press the slash key (/) or right D-pad on Xbox and Playstation consoles to bring up the cheat menu.

If you want to enable cheats in a world that you have already created then follow these steps:

  • Press Esc key on your keyboard, or start / options button on your controller in order to pause your game.
  • Select Settings and scroll down to the cheats section and select Activate Cheats: ON.

Warning: Enabling cheats will disable all achievements for the current world.

Minecraft shortcut cheat codes

Here are some quick commands to use, instead of typing player names use the following shortcodes:

  • @s = yourself.
  • @p = the nearest player to you.
  • @a = all players in your world.
  • @e = all entities in the world.
  • @r = a random player.

Useful cheats and commands

  • /help <CommandName> : Get information about a command.
  • /kill [your player name or another player] : kills your player or the player you have specified.
  • /instantmine : One click mining with any tool.
  • /experience add <player> <amount> : adds the specified experience points the player of your choice.
  • /summon <creature or object> : instantly summons a creature or object of your desire.
  • /tp [player name] <x y z> : teleport the specified player to the exact coordinates you have entered.
  • /give <Player name> <Item> <Amount> : Gives another player an item from your inventory.
  • /gamerule keepInventory true : Don’t lose your items upon dying.
  • /seed : Lets you find your current world’s seed code.
  • /difficulty <level> : Choose the difficulty level from peaceful, easy, normal and hard.
  • /freeze : Stops mobs or creatures in their tracks.

Damage cheat commands

  • /itemdamage : Weapons no longer degrade.
  • /waterdamage : Turn water damage on or off.
  • /falldamage : Turn fall damage on or off.
  • /firedamage : Turn fire damage on or off.

More useful Minecraft cheats and commands

  • /weather <type> <duration> : Sets the weather type from clear, rain,or thunder and the duration in seconds.
  • /time set <value> This will set the world game time. Input 0 for Dawn, 1000 for Morning, 6000 for Midday, 12000 for Dusk, and 18000 for Night.
  •  /instantplant : Watch a planted seed grow instantly.
minecraft cheat codes
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  • /atlantis : Raises the world’s water level, submerging everything except very tall mountains.
  • /gamemode <type> <player> : Choose gamemode from spectator, survival, creative or adventure for you or another player.
  • /ride : Make the creature you are looking at into a mount.
  • /duplicate : Copies and drops the item you have equipped.
  • /gamerule doDaylightCycle false : Turn off the day – night cycle. Replace false with true to activate again.
  • /gamerule mobGriefing false : Enemy mobs cannot destroy blocks. Replace false with true to reactivate.

Minecraft cheats and commands you can use to change difficulty level, mine with a single click, get unlimited experience, don’t take damage and alter many elements in your world to make things a bit easier!

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